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TIME Hotels to Support Taxi Drivers During Ramadan

UAE-headquartered TIME Hotels is embracing the spirit of giving by distributing 300 Iftar boxes to taxi drivers in Dubai during Ramadan.

Containing fruit, sandwiches, dates, water and juices, the boxes are being handed out in the main entrance of TIME Oak Hotel & Suites in Tecom and TIME Grand Plaza Hotel in Al Qusais.

“Due to the nature of their job, being always on the road, taxi drivers don't often have the chance to enjoy a proper Iftar. As such, we wanted to provide a delicious food package that made it easier for them to break their fast while on the move,” said Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels.

“It is important to support the local community and give back, especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This is the latest initiative in our award-winning CSR programme, which forms a vital part of the company’s DNA and aims to add value to people’s lives and the community in general through a combination of cash or in-kind donations, education and employee engagement activities.”

TIME Hotels has been involved in a range of activities designed to give back to and support communities at a local level and on the global stage. Tomorrow’s World is an accumulation of this and a platform to ensure what we do today has a positive impact on the world, not just tomorrow but for the future generations.


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